Asia Mideast Insurance and Reinsurance Pty Ltd (AMIR)

Asia Mideast Insurance and Reinsurance Pty Ltd (AMIR)


Mina Moawad

Energy Underwriter

Mina Moawad is a qualified industrial chemist and has a long history in the pharmaceutical industry, with a strong focus on quality assurance.

He is an ANZIIF Senior Associate CIP and holds a Diploma of Financial Services.

Mina joined AMIR in 2006 in the energy underwriting team under the guidance of Adel Dawood.

His underwriting experience grew over the first few formative years and Mina now underwrites the energy portfolio risks, including physical damage, business interruption and liability for offshore energy facilities – wells and mobile rigs, and onshore energy exposures – land-based rigs and upstream contractors’ equipment.

Mina’s role includes risk rating, calculating sums insured and potential maximum exposures, fulfilling Lloyd’s compliance requirements, marketing AMIR’s capabilities, and policy processing, documentation and reporting.

Mina is a respected and valuable member of the AMIR team.

Partnership Opportunities

AMIR (trading as Australian Market Insurance Resources) is a provider of insurance and reinsurance solutions working with clients to provide the most effective solution for their insurance requirements. We have more than 25 years track record working with clients in Australia and overseas. Our team of highly qualified and experienced insurance professionals have excellent relationships with both the local and global insurance markets. We are proud to confirm that we have already helped an Insurtech start up in finalising their insurance requirement with a local provider. We will be pleased to help other Insurtech ventures with their insurance requirements.

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