Asia Mideast Insurance and Reinsurance Pty Ltd (AMIR)

Asia Mideast Insurance and Reinsurance Pty Ltd (AMIR)


Upstream Oil & Gas Contractors

We specialise in writing the following covers:

A) Upstream Contractors Equipment

We provide cover for Upstream Equipment during storage, transportation to site and while on drilling/workover site both onshore and offshore. We cover such equipment on an all risk basis with downhole equipment covered on named perils only while in the hole. 

Upstream Contractors Equipment are usually covered under the Oil and Gas Well Drilling Tools Floater Form.

B) Upstream Contractors Liability

We can provide CGL cover for Upstream Contractors working onshore and offshore including the following types of contractors:

a. Painters, both onshore and offshore locations
b. Caterers (excluding cooking)
c. Cleaners
d. Well Operators, both onshore and offshore
e. Pipeline Operators, both onshore and offshore
f. Onshore Oilfields Contractors
g. Drilling/Workover, both onshore and offshore
h. Pipeline Contractors, both onshore and offshore
i. Offshore Platform Contractors

We can write property damage for Upstream Equipment separately, alternatively we can offer a package product including Liability.

We are prepared to quote and lead Contractors Equipment and Liability covers.

Our Service to Intermediaries

We provide services to intermediaries in Australia, New Zealand, Asian and Arab countries and Latin America.

We provide responses to any offer within 48 hours. In respect of endorsements or slip signing, we return them signed and stamped within 48 hours. We pride ourselves on our claims settlement processes and we understand the importance of settling claims in a professional and speedy manner.

Geographical Scope: Worldwide excluding USA and Canada, Gulf of Mexico and North Sea exposures.

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Partnership Opportunities

AMIR (trading as Australian Market Insurance Resources) is a provider of insurance and reinsurance solutions working with clients to provide the most effective solution for their insurance requirements. We have more than 25 years track record working with clients in Australia and overseas. Our team of highly qualified and experienced insurance professionals have excellent relationships with both the local and global insurance markets. We are proud to confirm that we have already helped an Insurtech start up in finalising their insurance requirement with a local provider. We will be pleased to help other Insurtech ventures with their insurance requirements.

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