Asia Mideast Insurance and Reinsurance Pty Ltd (AMIR)

Asia Mideast Insurance and Reinsurance Pty Ltd (AMIR)


General Insurance Code of Practice

In accordance with the authorities delegated to the AMIR Group  of Companies and their Related Body Corporates where we act on behalf of an insurer, we are bound by the General Insurance Code of Practice. The Code is designed to set minimum standards of practice and service in the insurance industry and requires open, fair and honest dealings with customers.

The objectives of the Code are:

    • to commit us to high standards of service;
    • to promote better, more informed relations between us and you;
    • to maintain and promote trust and confidence in the general insurance industry;
    • to provide fair and effective mechanisms for resolving Complaints you make about us; and
    • to promote continuous improvement of the general insurance industry through education and training.

We will pursue the above objectives of the Code with regard to the law and acknowledging that every contract of insurance is a contract based on the utmost good faith.

The Code includes standards covering buying insurance, claims handling, responding to catastrophes and disasters and complaints handling procedures.

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Partnership Opportunities

AMIR (trading as Australian Market Insurance Resources) is a provider of insurance and reinsurance solutions working with clients to provide the most effective solution for their insurance requirements. We have more than 25 years track record working with clients in Australia and overseas. Our team of highly qualified and experienced insurance professionals have excellent relationships with both the local and global insurance markets. We are proud to confirm that we have already helped an Insurtech start up in finalising their insurance requirement with a local provider. We will be pleased to help other Insurtech ventures with their insurance requirements.

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